Your launchpad to success with autism

Early intervention support for children with
autism spectrum disorder and special needs.

Early intervention is critical to your child’s success

Lift Off Early Intervention is specialised support for children with disability, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), developmental delay and other additional needs. Early detection and intervention are critical to significantly reduce the impact of ASD and other neurological disorders. The earlier the better. The connections in the brain are more adaptable in the first three years of life and are the foundation for learning and behaviour. Our aim at Lift Off is to alter the trajectory of your child’s development. We help to provide a launchpad for their success, in collaboration with your family.

Every child is born with amazing strengths. It’s our job to identify those strengths and interests, and use those to work on their challenges – so they can thrive.

A pathway for your family

With over 20 years of experience working with children on the spectrum and other special and additional needs, our team of specialists are passionate about making a difference in your child’s life – and your family’s. To us, you’re not just another family. At Lift Off, we are heavily invested in every family. We make it a priority to be approachable, caring and create a home away from home experience.

Launching to Success

What does a session at Lift Off look like? An ESDM session looks like play. Our therapists engage with your child in fun, age-appropriate activities and routines that assist the facilitation of communication and social interactions. In each ESDM interaction, both your child and therapist are active contributors, offering suggestions, taking turns and sharing the responsibility for initiating, playing and finishing routines and activities. To make sessions fun and maintain your child’s motivation, we arrange a variety of developmental activities. The activities are specifically selected, focusing on your child’s ESDM goals and embedding their interests and preferences.

ESDM sessions can take place in any setting that is part of the child’s daily life – at home, our clinic or their day care. Any adult who spends time with your child can use ESDM strategies to make everyday activities, such as eating and bath time, an opportunity for interaction and learning.

Why choose Lift Off?

Our priority is to provide support to children in a safe, happy, empowering, and strength-based environment. Each individual child’s needs will be identified and supported through ongoing collaboration with family members and other professionals. 
Lift Off has a specially designed autism specific early intervention service that embeds the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM). This is an evidence-based intensive intervention therapy for children with ASD and other neurological disorders.

The key aims of our services incorporate communication, social connection and learning and are based on the development and support of:

  • communication skills
  • focus and cognition skills
  • play and social skills
  • fine motor and gross motor skills
  • self-help skills
  • long-term wellbeing for child and family.

For your child, it will feel like play. For you, you’ll feel supported and clear about your pathway ahead.